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Lyophilization is the most expensive and energy-intensive type of food drying, certainly applicable for especially valuable products and substances, unstable to heat, in which you need to save all properties and elements, and sometimes tissue structure and peptide bonds.

And freeze dryers are the most expensive type of drying equipment. Bulova’s freeze dryer is the leader in North America, Bulova stands for reliability and high precision lyophilization.

he cost of the freeze-dried product and the freeze-drying itself is much higher than the cost of the feedstock, and the freeze drying itself takes from one day to several days.

The term “lyophilization” – Greek origin (“dissolve (dry) with love”) not too common, more often use “Sublimation”.

Lyophilized tissues and preparations, upon rehydration, restore their original properties.

Rather complex technological process of drying products, during which moisture is removed from the frozen product, in a vacuum, bypassing the liquefaction process using complex and expensive sublimation machines – offers the Bulova company: on our own equipment.

Lyophilization (or sublimation )Is a dehydration process (drying) products by quick freezing in a vacuum, where moisture evaporates, bypassing the liquid phase, and goes into a gaseous state.

Substances are freed from water (or other carrier – solvent) by turning this liquid (along with the product of course) in solid form, by freezing, and water (during lyophilization) turns into steam, when a vacuum is applied to the frozen material, these vapors are removed from the air above the frozen material, without heat.

Essentially: as you know, matter has three states: liquid, solid state, steam. (we do not take plasma into account), under the influence of heat (temperatures) these states are transformed.

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Exists “Triple point” with a certain temperature and pressure, in which liquid (water or other solvent carrier) are simultaneously in three states (solid, liquid and vapor) in balance with all their physical states.

For example: water at temperature: 0,01° С and steam pressure 611,73 Pa will move to a point of equilibrium with all three physical states. AND (the principle of lyophilization) with a slight decrease in temperature and pressure (or increasing the vacuum) – water turns into steam without turning into a liquid state.

Freeze-dried products are not heat-treated, which is very important for proteins and other unstable substances, for example: drugs, such, like antibodies, semi-synthetic penicillins containing immunological preparations, cephalosporins, serum.

iophilized snail mucus Mucus pro Freeze-dried snail caviar for dietary supplements MUC IN, quality Mucus pro

At low temperatures, gradual, very gentle drying, the product does not lose useful properties and taste, and upon rehydration, the appearance restores its original properties!

The sublimation process begins at low temperatures from -70 ° C to -1 ° C. And the raw material is frozen to -40 ° С -70 ° С.

Lyophilization process (sublimation) flows, conditionally, in three steps:

1) Freezing, below the temperature of the triple point of matter, which you already know about. Moreover, the type of freezing is very individual for each substance. – freezing should not destroy the product cells with ice crystals.

2) Then the process takes place in a vacuum., which brings matter closer to its triple point.

Primary drying. Water (or solvent carrier) begins to evaporate and re-solidify on the cold condensation plates of the sublimator at low temperatures. At this stage, about 95% moisture. 3) Secondary drying aims to remove non-frozen water molecules. This is the process of gently heating product (triple point heating), the maximum temperature at the edges can be positive.

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Sublimation allows you to preserve all the nutrients of the product, his smell, taste, and also the color, peptide bonds in cells.

Lyophilized products differ in their long shelf life – up to 25 years! Virtually any temperature condition: from -50C to + 50C.

The weight of lyophilized products can be reduced by 100 once!

Any product of animal or vegetable origin or semi-synthetic can be converted into a sublimate, be it dairy products, microorganisms (bacteria, yeast), vaccines and antitoxins, biological reagents and strains, enzymes and vitamins, proteins, fats, blood, protein organisms and substances, oils, fruit, seeds, plants and their juices.

An additional lyophilization product can be a hydrolate of the sublimated substance.

It is impossible to make a sublimate at home.. Freeze-drying or lyophilization is the industrial drying of products and substances, this requires powerful refrigeration units, and special expensive sublimation machines, in which vacuum and gentle heating of raw materials will be created.

Thus: the vacuum pump, the freezer, the heated shelves are the main mechanisms of the freeze dryer, and the electronic control that connects all these parts and carries out the lyophilization process.

Bulova freeze dryers are represented by mobile models with a raw material loading volume of 2 and 12 liters (Bulova 02, Bulova 12) and stationary models with a volume of: 100 liters, 400 liters. (Bulova 100, Bulova 400).

temperature regime of lyophilization of products Buy freeze dryer

freeze dryer Buy freeze dryer

All models of Bulova freeze dryers can be equipped with a remote control function via the Internet, which is very convenient at the stage of teaching customers about freeze drying.

The manufacturer (Bulova) will help and teach customers how to lyophilize products at the first stage of operation using remote control.

Bulova freeze dryers are guaranteed for 3 years, Bulova builds and installs stationary freeze dryers (chamber volume over 100 l/kg) on the client’s premises.
Delivery of mobile freeze dryers (chamber volume up to 12 liters) is carried out by plane to any airport in the world, delivery time is 2 days.

All 2022 there will be special offers for freeze dryers “Bulova 12” – short discounts from Bulova company, follow our advertising and news!

Bulova offers Lyophilization Outsourcing: in countries where Bulova sublimation equipment is present, you can get a service for sublimation of products and materials on Bulova drying equipment.

Freeze dry the most valuable products with Bulova lyophilizers!

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