Questions and answers The secretion process of snail mucus Filtration of snail mucus

How long does it take to produce mucus? In the Mucus pro apparatus, mucus secretion is carried out mechanically: Ozone and microvibrations act on mollusks.

In “Cruelty free” secretion modes, the secretion time is 1.5 hours.

In the “Industrial” secretion modes, the secretion time is 4 – 6 hours

How many snails can the device hold? The Mucus pro 2.40 can simultaneously load 40-50 kg of Helix aspersa Maxima or 60-70 kg of Helix aspersa Muller.

Other types of snail: smaller or larger depending on the size of the molluscs.

Does the snail survive after the secretion process? In the “Cruelty free” secretion mode, 99% of the molluscs remain alive and after 4-5 months, if they are grazed on the pasture, they can again produce mucus.

This mode of secretion is less cost-effective: a smaller amount of mucus is secreted – 4-5% of the weight of the mollusks and additional costs appear for washing, rehabilitation of the snail and placement in the pasture.

Secretion mode “Cruelty-free” is used at the request of the customer, when the customer of the finished product must indicate on the packaging of the product, which uses snail mucus, so that the animals do not suffer.

In the “Industrial” secretion mode – 95% of mollusks die, they are usually used in further processing for meat and shells.

In the “industrial” mode, the maximum amount of mucus is released: 15-22%.

This is the most cost effective production mode.

Do I need to buy Ozone and other reagents? No. Mucus pro devices are equipped with an Ozone generator – the device itself produces Ozone from the air.

Mucus pro devices do not use water, acids or other reagents for mucus secretion.

Of the operating costs – only electricity (up to 0.8 kW / 1 h).

Why is snail mucus filtration and lyophilization necessary? The device Mucus pro produces ready-made, clean, raw snail mucus, without additives.

Microfiltration (0.2 µm) is usually required at the request of the purchaser to reduce bacterial load. Microfiltered mucus is considered “conditionally sterile”.

But you should know that any filtration also reduces the amount of nutrients in the product.

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Lyophilization (freeze drying) of snail mucus is necessary to obtain a dry powder.

Moreover, for the freeze drying of snail mucus, preliminary filtration is not required.

Are there any special requirements for where the equipment should be placed? Yes, there are several of them: the room must have ventilation, since Ozone is used, water is used to flush equipment after the technological process, preferably with a drain of water in the floor, the power supply to the equipment must be grounded.

The storage of the equipment must be carried out in a dry room.

In general, you should be comfortable so that there are walkways and it is convenient to work with the equipment.

Hardware warranty. Mucus pro equipment has a 2-year warranty.

There is post-warranty service, the manufacturer will replace any unit and mechanism if necessary.

Comparison of equipment with competitors in the market – what are the advantages? Equipment for the secretion of snail mucus Mucus pro – produces pure shellfish mucus, without the use of water, acids and reagents.

Operating costs are electricity only.

Thanks to the “MUCUS PROfessional” secretion technology, “Mucus pro” snail mucus has an increased content of mucopolysaccharides and, as a result, the highest number of Allantoin and Glycolic acid, as well as the highest PH level.

Mucus pro is committed to reducing the cost of producing snail mucus in the world. Equipment for the secretion of snail mucus Mucus pro is the cheapest in the world, and the production cost is the lowest!

In addition, there is equipment leasing and snail mucus outsourcing.

Where can you get snail mucus analysis done? The most important indicators in snail mucus: Allantoin and Glycolic acid, these tests can be done in any laboratory where there is Research Method: HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

The indicators are also important: Protein and acidity (Ph), snail mucus should not be acidic.

Bacteriological indicators: snail mucus of the Mucus pro class is subject to low-temperature sterilization, therefore bacteriology is absent or does not exceed the norm.

If you are our client, please contact us and we will help you to make an analysis of snail mucus.

 Personnel – how many people are required to operate the equipment? One worker is enough to operate one or two Mucus pro devices.
What is the selling price of the finished product? Cost in the company Mucus pro, liquid filtered snail mucus Helix aspersa – 45€-58€ /per 1 liter;

dry lyophilized snail mucus Helix aspersa – 5€ – 15€ / per 1 gram.

See the price list of the company:

Do not confuse pure lyophilized snail mucus powder with cheap “snail mucus” powder diluted with maltodextrin, it is usually white and of poor quality.

What is the shelf life of the finished product? Shelf life of liquid snail mucus at a temperature:

+ 2C– + 6C: 3 months

-20C – -30C: 24 months.

Dry lyophilized snail mucus powder is stored at temperature: + 2C – + 20C: 120 months.

look at the company’s website:

Where is snail mucus used?

Does Mucus pro buy snail mucus?

Snail mucus is used in cosmetology, medicine and food industry (as biologically active additives).

The global market for snail mucus and peptide cosmetic products alone was US $ 3.7 billion in 2019 and is valued at US $ 12.0 billion by 2029 with an expected CAGR of 12.7%.

Mucus pro does not buy snail slime and other finished products, because it produces it itself.

However, sometimes our company places orders for the production of snail slime for a specific country with its franchisees.

What is “Snail slime outsourcing”? Outsourcing is when you outsource a part of a workflow to another contractor.

If you are a small farmer and you do not yet have equipment for secreting snail mucus, but you want to get a finished product – liquid or dry snail mucus, contact Mucus pro.

Mucus pro equipment operates in 40 countries of the world and is constantly developing an outsourcing network.

Production Outsourcing "Mucus pro"

Our franchisees will make snail slime for you using Mucus pro equipment from your snail.

You only need to deliver your snail and after a while pick up the finished product – snail mucus.

What is “Mucus pro Franchise”? 1.By purchasing the “Mucus pro Franchise” you will be able to sell finished products – liquid and dry snail mucus under the trade name “Mucus pro”, the Franchiser delegates the Franchisee the right to use the “Mucus pro”  trademark.

“Mucus pro” snail mucus is of high quality, produced without the use of water, without additives, without chemicals and without acids, has a purity of 100% and has high ratings in the shellfish mucus market.

2. Also, by purchasing the “Mucus pro Franchise” – you will be able to provide services for the production of mucus for other clients from their snail (Outsourcing) on behalf of the “Mucus pro” company.

The Franchiser will provide the Franchisee with technical support in the production of slime and advertise the Franchisee on its resources.

The Mucus pro franchise was created for the owners of a set of equipment for the secretion and processing of snail mucus.

With Mucus pro advertising and technical support, you will be able to provide snail slime production service to other customers in your country from customer’s snail (snail slime outsourcing).

With the Mucus pro Franchise, you will recoup your equipment even faster and get additional profit.

What is “Mucus pro leasing”? Leasing of equipment from Mucus pro, Mucus Filter, Bulova is available when purchasing equipment on lease for more than 10,000.

The equipment immediately becomes the property of the buyer (leasing recipient).

50% of the cost of the equipment can be paid in installments up to 24 months.

The cost of equipment will increase by 20%, it will include: insurance, rental costs and delivery at your discretion.

Leasing payments will be made not to the seller, but to the leasing company “Mucus pro finance”.

To make a decision on the transfer of equipment to lease, you must provide several documents on the financial and credit status of your company (the recipient leasing).

Can I visit your factory? snail slime extraction machine snail slime extraction machine

For buyers of complete sets of equipment, we conduct excursions to the workshop for the production and processing of snail mucus.

It is very interesting and informative. We have a full cycle of growing snails, processing snails and obtaining snail mucus: in liquid form and in dry powders.

Here you will see all types of equipment (Mucus pro, Mucus filter, Bulova) in operation.

We are open to communication! Once a year, we hold an open house at the snail slime factory.

snail slime extraction machine snail slime extractor snail slime extractor

At the plant for the production of equipment, you can see the stages of production of all equipment except for Mucus pro (this part of the production is classified).

We will also be happy to welcome you at the head office of the company or in the export office.


Snail slime production cost and profitability. Mucus pro declares the lowest production cost of snail mucus production.

For example: to get 1 liter of snail mucus, you need only =5 kg of snail (Helix aspersa),

for 1 gram of dry mucus powder = 0.5 kg of a live snail.

We have not included your capital and operating expenses here.

Does all types of snail produce mucus? Most land snails and some species of sea snails secrete mucus to glide, protect, and restore the shell.

There are also drier species of snails that also produce very little mucus in the wild.

The device “Mucus pro” works with many types of land and sea snails which produce mucus for industrial use: Helix aspersa (Maxima and Muller), Helix pomatia, Helix lucorum – these species secrete a high level of mucus. Achatina (Lissachatina fulica), Rapana thomasiana, Archachatina marginata secrete  less mucus.

You can be an innovator in the extraction of mucus from little-studied snails, join us!

Mucus pro equipment secretes mucus from all major types of molluscs, the secretion of which is a recognized commodity (consumer product) (liquid or dry snail mucus) all over the world.

Snail Slime Making Equipment snail slime extraction machine

How is the purchase, delivery and payment of Mucus pro equipment carried out?

1) To select equipment and get acquainted with its cost, a Commercial offer is sent to you.
The price of equipment in the Commercial Offer does not include the cost of delivery, it is calculated separately depending on the importing country, the weight of the cargo and the total cost of the cargo.
✈️Mucus pro equipment is delivered only by air transport to the airport in your country.
2) To place an order – you are invited to fill out the “Buyer Form”❗
It is necessary to clarify: details of the buyer: Importing company name, address, telephone number, contact name and destination airport. Provide a list of the equipment you are buying. Our company will definitely offer a discount for a quick purchase in order to reduce your financial burden. The amount of the discount will be indicated in the text message as well as in the Buyer Form, and then on the invoice. This is a bonus from our company, take advantage of it! The offered discount will be valid for 20 days, take advantage of this.
3) You will be assigned a manager who will interact with you. He will calculate the cost of delivery of the goods and will control: the process, production, export clearance, and delivery to your country. You will always be in touch with him.
4) An invoice will be issued and sent to you in a currency convenient for you (Euro – EUR, US Dollar – USD, Yuan Renminbi – CNY), which will include the cost of delivery.
An invoice usually has a validity period of 5 days❗ This is due to cross-currency rates and transportation costs that change.This time is enough for the first payment.
Order an Invoice – if you are sure that you will buy and pay for the goods, we have a lot of orders, let’s take good care of the manager’s working time. These rules also apply to dealers.
(Don’t worry if you haven’t paid the invoices on time, you can place a new order again, but the company will no longer be able to give you a discount.)
?You can pay for the goods: 80% at the time of ordering and 20% 2-3 days before shipment.
?The production time for your order is 20 days, delivery by air is 2-3 days.
5) Together with the cargo (and additionally by e-mail), the originals will be sent to you: Invoice, Customs declaration, Bill of lading (avia), Certificate of origin of goods, technical passport.
By the code indicated in the bill of lading, you can track where the cargo is in the process of delivery.
6) You need to receive the cargo at the airport –  in your country.
The cost of delivery of the cargo includes its insurance.
Mucus pro equipment is provided with a 2-year warranty and post-warranty service.
Our company has been operating in the market for the production and processing of snail mucus for 10 years, we have been producing equipment for the processing and secretion of mucus for 8 years.
????Bulova is a Polish-Ukrainian company, all developments are patented in Europe, the main office of the company is located in Poland, in Warsaw. Factory and the production office is located in Ukraine, export is carried out from Ukraine.
❤️We strive to produce low-cost equipment and are working to reduce the cost of producing snail slime in the world.
We will be glad if you contact our company or our dealers.
Together we will achieve more!
If you have any questions, you can call or write to us, the contacts are indicated on the main website of the company: