Snail mucus extractor “Mucus pro 2.20”

Mucus pro apparatus for secreting mucus from shellfish – secretes mucus mechanically without the use of acids and reagents. The finished product is a saturated pure mucus: no water and reagents.

The device Mucus pro for a very short time immerses the snail in not very comfortable conditions – in an atmosphere of ozone, with ozone 40 g for 1 hour, according to a special ozonation scheme and microvibration vibrations with a small amplitude wave. With light vibrating and translational movements, the slime is thrown into the drum and the finished product, the pure snail slime is already ready.

Carrying out the process of secretion in the “cruelty free” mode – after a while (4-6 months), having rested and gaining strength, the snail can again give new mucus.

The equipment works with many types of land and sea snails which produce mucus for industrial use: Helix aspersa (Maxima and Muller), Helix pomatia, Helix lucorum, Achatina (Lissachatina fulica), Rapana thomasiana and many other types, Archachatina Marginata.








1. The process of natural secretion;
2. Pure product – no water or chemicals;
3. In the cost of production – only electricity;
4. High yield of the finished product (mucus) up to 23% by weight of mollusks (in the “industrial” secretion mode);
4. The molluscs will be alive and after a while they can produce new mucusin (in secretion mode: “Cruelty free”) ;
5. Patented secretion technology;
6. Increased content of protein and mucopolysaccharides;

The secretion process of snail mucus 

7. Low acidity of the product (pH 6.3 – 8.95)
8. The degree of ozonation of the environment is up to 40 g / hour;
9. Peptide bonds are not destroyed. The total bacterial load in snail mucus is less than: 100 CFU / g (mean value according to Mukus-Pro: analysis less than 10 CFU / g).
The cost of the Mucus pro technological process is only electricity (about 0.8 kW per hour). Technical units: drive, inner drum, outer drum, ozonizer, microvibrator.

Characteristics: Model 2.20 – volume of loaded shellfish 20 kg (Helix aspersa Maxima) (One loading tank)

Cost: €5700

Snail mucus extractor “Mucus pro 2.40”

Device for secretion of snail mucus Mucus pro 2.40
Device for secretion of snail mucus Mucus pro 2.40

Model 2.40 – volume of loaded shellfish 40 kg (Helix aspersa Maxima) (Two loading tanks)

Cost:  €9700, ask for a price list:   FCA, CIP, CPT (air delivery)

HS code: 8419 39 00 90

The apparatus for separating mucus from shellfish “Mucus pro” produces saturated, clean mucus without acids and oxidation. This product class belongs to Mucus pro: extremely low acidity of the product Ph 6.38-7 for filtered liquid mucus and Ph 8.95-9.80 for lyophilized substance with a high protein c.ontent: 0.30% for liquid mucus and 49.9% – 51.0% … for dry powder. Increased content of mucopolysaccharides and, accordingly, Allantoin.