Cosmetic face mask MORDO with snail mucus Snail cosmetics MORDO

Sheet wet cosmetic mask MORDO

Revolutionary cosmetics MORDO based on natural snail mucus was presented by Mucus pro.

What is known? An almost complete line of skin care cosmetics: creams, gels, scrubs, serums and the main product of the brand – MORDO wet sheet mask.

Price segment: premium, above average. The manufacturer justifies the high cost of products by the presence of an extremely high proportion of natural snail mucus in the composition, this is the patented cosmetic formula Mucus pro – “more inside than outside”.

The MORDO sheet mask is made from a biodegradable fiber called biocellulose, created by the bacterial conversion of glucose into cellulose, and can hold up to 100 times its own weight in liquid. At the same time, 1 unit of weight of cosmetic substances contains 100 times more natural active substance (snail mucus) than it weighs! Surprising – but it’s a fact!

Here is an example: one wet sheet mask has a cosmetic volume of 20 ml and a weight of 22 g, and the natural liquid mucus of the Helix aspersa snail in such a mask is 100 ml, which is almost 10 times the weight of the mask itself!

How is this possible? The company put into the product 10 times more per unit weight of the active product – the active substance, using truly space technology NASA – lyophilized snail mucus, dried snail mucus in vacuum at negative temperatures, with this technology  of drying from a frozen product to a dry substance, bypassing the liquid state. This made it possible to preserve not only all the valuable substances of snail mucus, such as natural Collagen, Allantoin, Glycolic and Hyaluronic acids, but also peptide bonds and cell integrity. The active substance (snail mucus) itself dries out more than in 100 times!

The manufacturer achieved such a high loading of the active substance in a cosmetic product using truly space technologies – the cosmetic formula uses lyophilized snail mucus (dried in vacuum at low temperatures, so not only all valuable and active substances in the raw material are preserved, but also the cellular structure), the concentration of the substance at the same time increases 100 times from the raw product!

This is real snail cosmetics, such a specific weight of natural active substance of animal origin (snail mucus) is not found in any cosmetics of world manufacturers!

The MORDO brand is registered in Italy, translated from Italian “MORDO” – “I am bite”. Not only the high price bites, but also the active components of natural snail mucus tingle the skin, the inhibitory processes in which are not stopped, this is a living product! Although the product is completely created and produced in Ukraine and is aimed at European markets!

MORDO – snail cosmetics from the world manufacturer of snail mucus.

What can be noted? Natural snail mucus is the active substance in the entire line of cosmetic products: all products have a characteristic beige-brown color – this is the color of natural snail mucus and the characteristic smell of a rainy autumn forest and autumn mushroom – subtle notes of a snail product.

The company’s products are marked with the “Cruelty free” badge – molluscs do not suffer in the process of secretion of snail mucus.

MORDO – “I am bite”, effective natural snail cosmetics.

Mordo sheet moist facial mask buy

– Smoothes age and mimic wrinkles,

– Stimulates the “feel good factors” of the skin,

– Gives the skin a radiant and rested look,

– Promotes skin cell renewal,

– Returns a clear contour to the face,

– The content of one sachet is equal to the volume of the weekly use of serum,

– Natural and biodegradable material guarantees excellent contact between ingredients and skin,

– anti-gravity effect,

– natural snail mucus contributes to the treatment of psoriasis,

– nutrition with Allatnoin, Collagen, Glycolic and Hyaluronic acid,

– very light whitening and reduced contrast of age spots.

Apply the MORDO beauty mask on the face with the fabric side

Carefully peel off the film and flatten the mask

Leave on for 15-30 minutes and then gently remove

No need to wash your face

Massage the rest of the serum into the skin and apply moisturizer.

e 20 ml – 0.71 FL.OZ  X5

HS Code: 3304990000

Suggested retail price, for 5 masks: €55

Cream-powder for face MORDO with snail mucus

Cosmetic cream-powder MORDO for the face

An interesting novelty in the cosmetology market from Mucus pro!

An additional source of natural Allatnoin, Collagen,

Glycolic and Hyaluronic acids.

Apply with a brush or swab on the face to creams or masks.

Immediately apply cream or apply a damp plain mask

Cream-powder for face MORDO with snail mucus

MORDO cosmetic powder will turn any simple face cosmetics into real snail cosmetics!

Apply a thin layer of MORDO powder with a cosmetic sponge on a clean face before using a simple wet sheet mask or a simple cream, then apply a damp sheet mask or apply a simple cream. Pure natural snail mucus will dissolve under the action of a wet mask or cream on your face, your skin will receive all the useful and essential substances and trace elements of snail mucin, and your simple cosmetics will acquire the properties of premium snail cosmetics.

Ingredients:  lyophilized sterilized mucus from Helix aspersa snails (99.9%).

Using MORDO powder as an addition to simple cosmetics, your skin will get the power of a snail!

It is very easy to use MORDO snail cosmetics!

Cosmetic Cream-powder “MORDO”

e 5 g   

HS Code: 3304910000 

Suggested retail price: €66 

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Cosmetic Powder from snail mucus MORDO buy
professional packaging for export  e50g,  e20g 

e 50 g, e 20 g  for professional use, in a sun protection jar for long-term storage

HS Code: 3304910000

Suggested retail price: €550 (e 50 g)

Suggested retail price: €220(e 20 g)

MORDO cosmetics buy

Mucus pro product Made in Ukraine