1) To select equipment and get acquainted with its cost, a Commercial offer is sent to you.
The price of equipment in the Commercial Offer does not include the cost of delivery, it is calculated separately depending on the importing country, the weight of the cargo and the total cost of the cargo.
(Shipping cost (CIP – at the airport of the buyer’s country ) is usually +12%-15%).
Also, you can pay for the delivery yourself FCA (Warsaw) in your logistics company, then the delivery cost will not be included in your Invoice.
✈️Mucus pro” and “Bulova” equipment is delivered only by air transport to the airport in your country.
2) To place an order – you are invited to fill out the “Buyer Form”❗
It is necessary to clarify: details of the buyer: Importing company nameor a private person, address, telephone number, contact name and destination airport. Provide a list of the equipment you are buying. 
3) You will be assigned a manager who will interact with you. He will calculate the cost of shipping the goods, issue you an invoice, notify you that your payment has been processed and credited, inform you about the progress of your order, export customs clearance, loading on the plane and delivery to your country. You will always be in touch with him.
4) An invoice will be issued and sent to you in a currency convenient for you (Euro – EUR, US Dollar – USD, Canadian dollar – CAD, Yuan Renminbi – CNY), which will include the cost of delivery.
The invoice usually has a validity period of 5 banking days❗ This is due to cross-currency rates and transportation costs that change.This time is enough for the first payment.
Please request an Invoice – if you are sure that you will make the purchase and pay for the goods within 5 days! Don’t ask for an Invoice in vain❗
These rules also apply to dealers.
Don’t worry, if you haven’t paid the Invoice on time, you can place a new order again and request a new, but no longer priority Invoice after some time.

You can pay for the goods on the condition of 100% prepayment.
The term of production of your order and shipment is up to 30 days, air delivery is 5-6 days.

The cargo is fully insured. Carefully inspect the cargo upon receipt at the cargo terminal in the presence of the carrier.
If cargo or packaging is damaged, fill out a damage report at the airport cargo terminal❗

You can pay for goods in two ways:
In the bank, by regular international SWIFT payment based on the Invoice. This is the priority and most common form of payment.
By bank card (VISA or MasterCard), without leaving home, through your payment system.To do this, inform the manager that you want to pay for the order with a bank card and within a few minutes the goods you ordered will be added to the online store of the Mucus.pro website (the account created for you to pay with card will fully comply with the Invoice). The name of your product (Order) in the created account for payment by card will correspond to your Invoice number – you can easily recognize it, the payment link will also be sent to you and placed in the online store, it will be active for several days. All you have to do is follow the link and pay with one click! Payment systems through which payment transactions will take place may charge you additional fees for paying by bank card. We won’t be able to influence this. The payment operator of Bulova company is the international payment system Fondy.
5) Together with the cargo (and additionally by e-mail), the originals will be sent to you: Invoice, Customs declaration, Bill of lading (avia), Certificate of origin of goods (by request), technical passport.
By the code indicated in the bill of lading, you can track where the cargo is in the process of delivery.
6) You need to receive the cargo at the airport –  in your country.
The cost of cargo delivery includes: auto delivery of cargo from the factory to the airport, delivery by plane to the buyer’s airport, insurance to the destination airport (CIP). It is at the airport that you make sure that the cargo and packaging are intact.
Mucus pro equipment is provided with a 2-year warranty and post-warranty service.
Our company has been operating in the market for the production and processing of snail mucus for 10 years, we have been producing equipment for the processing and secretion of mucus for 8 years.
????Bulova is a Polish-Ukrainian company, all developments are patented in Europe, the main office of the company is located in Poland, in Warsaw. The factory and production office are located in Ukraine, export is carried out from Ukraine by road to Poland, and already from Warsaw airport to destination airports around the world.
Delivery of Mucus pro and Bulova equipment is carried out by air ✈ on the following terms: CIP(buyer’s airport) and FCA(Warsaw).
❤️We strive to produce low-cost equipment and are working to reduce the cost of producing snail slime in the world.
We will be glad if you contact our company or our dealers.
Together we will achieve more!
If you have any questions, you can call or write to us, the contacts are indicated on the main website of the company: www.mucus.pro