S-TOP of the most useless (and most common) dietary supplements.

?TOP of the most useless (and most common) dietary supplements.
?Vegetable (vegan) vitamin D.
Plant vitamin D does not exist in nature. Plants do not need these substances – they are not involved in any of their biochemical processes, which means that “plant vitamin D” simply can not be synthesized by members of this kingdom. Phytosterols are often sold under the guise of “plant vitamin D.” Or so called vitamin D preparation based on the fact that the capsule shell is made of cellulose, not gelatin.
?Omega-3-6-9 complex.
Or, in other words, all “Omega” in the ideal ratio and minimum dosage. Vendors are ashamed to say that Omega-9 (monounsaturated fats in milk, animal fat, olive oil, etc.) and Omega-6 (polyunsaturated fats, a component of most vegetable oils) in unpredictable amounts and proportions you consume daily with food. I hope that you also consume Omega-3, but, as practice shows, in a much smaller amount. As a result, the final amount and balance of Omega-3-6-9 in the diet are very weakly related to the supplement and, to a greater extent, depend on your eating habits. You may be shown an extra intake of Omega-3 and / or Omega-6, but this can only be determined by analyzing your diet.
Silicon is definitely needed by our body: it is involved in skeletal calcification, connective tissue synthesis and a number of other important biochemical processes. But any plant food is so rich in this element that it makes absolutely no sense to take silicon in addition, and even more so to insist on it in other words – on the sand water.
Collagen in our digestive system is broken down into amino acids (otherwise it simply cannot be assimilated). The amino acids that make up collagen are not the most important and deficient… But that’s not all! For our body to collect collagen from amino acids, we need a complex of vitamins and trace elements, the most important of which are iron and vitamin C. If your diet lacks iron and ascorbic acid, any amount of precursor amino acids will be completely meaningless… In other words, for elasticity it is more important to eat oranges and chicken pate than to take drinking collagen.
? Another thing, for example: “MUC IN” dietary supplement is a freeze-dried natural product from snails (mucus, meat, caviar). THIS IS A NATURAL, NOT a synthesized PRODUCT: containing biological (in natural) collagen, allantoin, glycolic and hyaluronic acids.
?Glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid.
The history of these substances is very similar to the history of collagen: they are practically not assimilated in the digestive system, but instead must be synthesized “in place” with the participation of a number of essential substances. This time, special attention should be paid to sulfur and vitamin C…
?Glycine, lysine, tyrosine and other protein amino acids.
The diet of modern man is such that all protein amino acids (including essential) we get in larger quantities, not less than necessary. And with food, the amount of these very protein amino acids significantly exceeds the number of those in the recommended daily dose of the supplement. As a result, the purchase of protein amino acids in the form of synthesized dietary supplements – just a waste of money…

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