Georgian snails are gaining momentum

Equipment for the secretion of snail mucus in Georgia

In 2022, the first live commercial snail Helix aspersa, grown on a livestock farm, was exported from Georgia. A batch of 2.5 tons successfully went to Italy.
The Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia continues to coordinate and approve international veterinary certificates with European countries for the export of live snails from Georgia.
An exceptionally promising Georgian export product for foreign markets is snail mucus, a product of snail processing, a valuable raw material for foreign cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Mucus pro snail mucus production machine in Georgia

In December 2022, the first equipment for the production and processing of snail slime “Mucus pro” was delivered to Georgia.
Industrial equipment “Mucus pro” was purchased by the individual entrepreneur B. Mamisashvili under the “Produce in Georgia” grant program of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia.

The Produce in Georgia Grant Program is focused on promoting and supporting the development of new enterprises, as well as the expansion of existing operations, providing financial assistance to the entrepreneurial community, as well as the development of Georgian exports.
It can be confidently stated that the snail agribusiness in Georgia is successfully developing, both livestock – growing the Mediterranean snail Helix aspersa, and processing – the production of semi-finished products from snail meat and the production of more niche processed products – snail mucus.

Today, more than a dozen snail farms are already operating in Georgia, and the same number are preparing to start growing snails on farms using intensive technology for growing mollusks.
There is still no culture of domestic consumption of snails in European Georgia, the industry is entirely export-oriented – to earn foreign currency and, undoubtedly, the influx of foreign investment.
The main consumers of the new product and product will undoubtedly be Turkey, which is the seller of snails to the Mediterranean countries and other European countries.

Promising markets for snail mucus for Georgia can be not only Europe, but also the USA and South Korea.
Thanks to its mild climate for snails, Georgia could become a major player in the snail market in a few years, both farmed and wild-collected. Including processed snail products.

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