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Snail cosmetics MORDO

snail cosmetics MORDO

Revolutionary cosmetics MORDO based on natural snail mucus was presented by Mucus pro. What is known? An almost complete line of skin care cosmetics: creams, gels, scrubs, serums and the main product of the brand – MORDO wet sheet mask. Price segment: premium, above average. The manufacturer justifies the high cost of products by the […]

Snail Mucins functions and application

Applications of snail mucus.

Mucins are a highly glycosylated protein family that are secreted by animals for adhesion, hydration, lubrication, and other functions. Despite their ubiquity, animal mucins are largely uncharacterized. Snails produce mucin proteins in their mucous for a wide array of biological functions, including microbial protection, adhesion and lubrication. Recently, snail mucins have also become a lucrative […]

From bird droppings to snail slime: the strangest face masks in the world

Mucus pro - snail slime cosmetic industry

If you think makeup and beauty treatments are obsessions of the millennials, you might want to rethink that. Since time immemorial, people have been obsessed with beautifying themselves and that often includes pushing boundaries with bizarre facials to nourish their skin. Call it bizarre or exotic, some of these facial treatments have been around for […]

Purchase in one click!

buy Mucus pro products with a payment card

Dear buyers! SWIFT payment according to the Invoice remains the priority way to purchase specialized equipment. This is an international practice of selling valuable goods. For your convenience, we have connected the WayForPay international payment system and now you can purchase products from Mucus pro in one click! Tell the manager that you want to […]

Mucus pro 3 – third generation

Mucus pro - ultra sound

In 2022, the third generation Mucus pro equipment is presented: the new Bulova development is absolutely environmentally friendly – it does not contain ozone. Ozone, being an oxidizing agent, affects the quality of protein products – snail mucus. In the complex process of industrial secretion of mollusks, ozone performs the function of initial irritation of […]


Where to transfer charitable assistance to Ukraine

We pray the inhabitants of all civilized countries to help Ukraine. Look what a small but courageous country is opposing a big aggressor! The public organization “Ukrainian  Dark Sky Association” during the war in Ukraine carries out a public collection of charitable contributions around the world to organize assistance to those who suffered in Ukraine […]

Mucus pro works for you

snail slime extraction machine

MUCUS PRO (“Bulova” and “Bila M.” companies) fulfilled all obligations for the transportation and shipment of “Muсus pro” “Bulova” equipment from Ukraine From March 22, 2022, we will continue new sales from the Warsaw office The company stops selling liquid snail slime (in favor of its Franchisees). lyophilized snail mucus (dry powder) and snail mucus products […]

Synthesized Mucin and natural Snail mucus – what’s the difference?

Artificial snail slime

White powder, highly soluble in water, odorless and colorless in aqueous solution, very low price – this is the best-selling product called Mucin. In fact, artificially synthesized mucin has nothing to do with “snail mucin” – it is a set of artificial components, such as allantoin and glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid is less common (its […]

Georgian snails opened a window to Europe

Mucus pro news

The production of snails is a rather interesting direction for farmers, and the income per hectare is several tens of thousands of euros. Georgia has added to the list of countries that are allowed to export snails to the EU market, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement. This decision was made in accordance […]

Freeze-drying leader: Bulova freeze dryers.

Freeze dryerss Bulova

Lyophilization is the most expensive and energy-intensive type of food drying, certainly applicable for especially valuable products and substances, unstable to heat, in which you need to save all properties and elements, and sometimes tissue structure and peptide bonds. And freeze dryers are the most expensive type of drying equipment. Bulova’s freeze dryer is the […]

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