Apilarnil – androgen, aphrodisiac and highly effective immunomodulator for your health!

Apilarnil buy

Bulova company produces one of the most expensive and rare substances in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals – apilarnil.

Apilarnil is actually a homogenate of drone brood (known as apilarnil or less apistimulus) is a product of beekeeping, obtained by collecting drone larvae (male honey bees) from 6-10 day-old drone cells. Apilarnil, which can be defined as the male equivalent of breast milk, obtained from drone brood, and then sublimed (or lyophilized).

The product was discovered by the Romanian apitherapist Nicola Iliesiu, and patented in Romania, today, it is the most popular component of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements all over the world.

Collection and processing of Apilarnil is exclusively manual work: Getting larvae from hives on a bee farm can be easier before closing the beehive, for closed combs with brood, it is recommended to freeze the combs (at -20°C) or in liquid nitrogen (at -196°C), before proceeding to manual division. A quick and less time-consuming method is to remove the larva and squeeze the unfrozen or thawed combs over a sieve and let the cell mass pass through the sieve. However, such biological mass of drone larva cells must be frozen, because animal protein oxidizes very quickly. Cutting drone larvae from the hive is associated with a loss of biological properties in a very short time. It is important to process the resulting seed within an hour or to protect it from loss of beneficial properties by freezing, canning with honey, precipitation on an adsorbent or lyophilization.

The Bulova company will use the technological method of quick freezing and lyophilization. Lyophilization – the most expensive method of drying substances in the world! The product is pre-frozen and acquires the state of a dry substance bypassing the liquid state, the drying process is carried out at negative temperatures (without heating). Complex drying equipment is used for lyophilization – Bulova sublimation dryers. During freeze-drying, all substances are preserved in the product, vitamins and trace elements and cell and peptide bond integrity. It is thanks to the technologies of rapid freezing of raw materials and lyophilization of the product at low temperatures that the hormones of the male honey bee are preserved – the main mechanism of action of Apilarnil as well as peptides and enzymes!

Apilarnil natural lyophilized Apilarnil buy

The company carries out a full production cycle “apiary – capsule” from collecting drone larvae in own beehives to packaging lyophilized Apilarnil in a capsule.

Apilarnil buy Apilarnil buy

Apilarnil buy Apilarnil buy

Apilarnil natural lyophilized Apilarnil natural lyophilized

Finished product – Apilarnil natural lyophilized has product purity 99,5%
-99,5% – a cell of a 7-8-day-old larva of a bee drone,
-0,05% – beekeeping products, which cannot be filtered: honey, Perga, wax. This is confirmed by the international certificate of analysis of the French laboratory ANALYTICE. Analyzes of Apilarnil are carried out only by the method of chromatography.

Like royal jelly, fresh raw apilarnil is two-thirds water. The rest contains protein, carbohydrates, lipids, fats, 19 different amino acids, except for betacarotene and choline, vitamins A, E, B2, B2, B6 and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and magnesium) and trace elements.
Apilarnil contains a complex of biologically active substances, which cause a number of its pharmacological effects: immunotropic, adaptogenic, anabolic, actoprotective action.

Steroid hormones (androgynous), amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, B vitamins, vitamins A, D cause an anabolic effect.
The presence of a complex of biologically active substances: carbohydrates, amino acids (glycine, methionine, glutamic acid), of hormones characterizes the actoprotective effect, improvement of human brain activity when using drugs based on Apilarnil. in addition, The value of Apilarnil is also determined by the extremely high content of vitamins A and D. This circumstance may be the basis for the use of Apilarnil in baby food.

The Bulova company (the owner of the company and the Bulova trademark is the Ukrainian company Bila M) develops and manufactures its own nutraceuticals based on Apilarnil for blood and circulatory system purification, immunomodulators. Based on snail mucus and apilarnil for the treatment of autoimmune diseases of the digestive tract: Crohn’s disease, Nonspecific ulcerative colitis and arthritis.

Ukraine is a powerful producer and exporter of natural honey and honey products to Europe, despite the very short honey collection season. Ukrainian high-tech honey product Apilarnil is appreciated in the international market of nutraceuticals and conquers new international pharmaceutical markets, healthy food and cosmetology.

The highest unique value of Apilarnil in hormones! In fact, Apilarnil is an androgen and aphrodisiac. Apilarnil is rich in sex hormones, such as testosterone, prolactin, progesterone and estradiol, it is used, for example, in the treatment of androgen deficiency syndrome, gynecomastia, to increase libido, improve erection, increase sperm volume, and normalize puberty in adolescence.
In fact, due to its high hormonal activity, Apilarnil is a powerful immunomodulator, for example: by acting on the adaptive immune system, Apilarnil exhibits a high antihistamine (anti-allergic) effect, suppresses allergies and hypersensitivity of the immune system to allergens.

Of course, the cost of such a product is interesting…
Export price of Lyophilized Apilarnil Bulov 1 Euro for 1 gram. Given the high purity of the substance. This is the average value of the substance on international markets.

The high cost of the product is due to the complex production technology, exclusively manual labor at all stages and natural limitations – natural features of reproduction of male bee larvae by bees. Their seeding is extremely low relative to the seeding of worker bee larvae and the main product – honey.

1 gram is how much? The product is very light and hygroscopic, its processing is possible only in a laminar box with a humidity of no more than 5%, this is the international moisture standard for freeze-dried products!

1 gram of lyophilized natural apilarnil, this is a teaspoon without a hill or two large capsules of medium compact size 00.

In its pure form, lyophilized highly concentrated Apilarnil is not used – it is usually a component of natural nutraceuticals, cosmetics and medicines.

apilarnil buy

In November 2023, the product will be presented at the International Exhibitions of Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements and Healthy Foods “In-Vitality” and Cosmetics and Cosmetology “Making Cosmetics 2023” in Milan.

apilarnil buy

Snaul slime in Making Cosmetics 2023

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