H2Energy hydrogen systems from Bulova are presented in the Old world


In Europe, H2Energy-Douje hydrogen systems for powering internal combustion engines are presented, which have successfully proven themselves over the past 10 years in North America.

The H2Energy trademark is known in the world for generators of saturation of drinking water with molecular hydrogen H2Energy-prom for health and hydrogen generators for internal combustion engines H2Energy Douje.

In the US, H2Energy-Douje hydrogen equipment primarily aims to reduce carbon emissions from the combustion of fuel for internal combustion engines to near zero, thereby cleaning both the fuel and exhaust systems of cars and reducing the consumption of the carbon fuel itself by these engines.

H2Energy-Douje hydrogen systems are designed for automotive, agricultural  and marine machinery,where deductions for harmful emissions into the atmosphere are expensive and require savings.

The “H2Energy-Douje” system produces and feeds a hydrogen-containing gas mixture into the combustion chamber of engines, as a result, the content of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons decreases by 1.5-2 times, nitrogen oxides – up to 5 times. This increases the resource of the particulate filter by 30-40%. Internal combustion engines running on gasoline, diesel fuel or gas, enriched with a hydrogen-oxygen mixture, which replaces part of the main engine fuel, reducing its consumption by up to 18% and increases the efficiency and efficiency of the engine. The installation of “H2Energy-Douje” hydrogen systems in the US and Canada is often supported by environmental grants, which globally leads to a reduction in hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere in the world.

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In Europe, the “Douje” brand is represented by Bila M. The company plans to take up to 30% of the market of water (sea and river) and road transport in Europe and the European Union by 2024. This will significantly affect the market for hydrocarbon emissions in these industries.





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