Where to transfer charitable assistance to Ukraine

We pray the inhabitants of all civilized countries to help Ukraine.
Look what a small but courageous country is opposing a big aggressor!

The public organization “Ukrainian  Dark Sky Association” during the war in Ukraine carries out a public collection of charitable contributions around the world to organize assistance to those who suffered in Ukraine from the hostilities of the aggressor: buys medicines and foodstuffs, fuel, carries out the evacuation of the population from the zones of military operations and settlements destroyed by the war. Organizes temporary housing and collects warm clothes, it is cold in Ukraine now, strong winds and sometimes it snows.

Your charitable contributions are very much needed today and will help the unprotected category of the population: children, women, wounded and sick people.
The invader of Ukraine (Russian Federation) is bombing peaceful cities, houses, schools and hospitals!
Today, more than 140 countries of the world have supported Ukraine, make your charitable contribution, you will greatly help to survive and defeat the aggressor.

Where to transfer charitable assistance to Ukraine
Help Ukraine!

We will definitely invite you to Ukraine after the victory, after the war. Ukraine is a very beautiful country, we will show you restored cities, factories, rivers, seas, forests, mountains and Ukrainian steppes  and of course agriculture with snail farms.

Payment details for the transfer of charitable contributions:

Payment receiver : Public organization Ukrainian  Dark Sky Association *

*Payment receiver (abbreviated):  UDSA

IBAN  (USD): UA543510050000026009879136666

IBAN  (EUR): UA723510050000026008879136667


Purpose of payment: Charitable assistance to Ukraine

We will also be very grateful for the supply of first aid medicines, adult and children’s clothing. And it’s very good if you can go out in your city to peaceful rallies “Against the war in Ukraine” and demand from NATO: close the sky over Ukraine!

Where to transfer charitable assistance to Ukraine
Where to transfer charitable assistance to Ukraine

Public organization Ukrainian  Dark Sky Association
Tel. (Viber, WhatsApp): +380 963530505

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