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snail slime extraction machine
MUCUS PRO®️ (“Bulova” and “Bila M.” companies) fulfilled all obligations for the transportation and shipment of “Muсus pro” “Bulova” equipment from Ukraine🇺🇦
From March 22, 2022, we will continue new sales from the Warsaw office🇵🇱
The company stops selling liquid snail slime (in favor of its Franchisees). lyophilized snail mucus (dry powder) and snail mucus products (MUC IN) will be sold by air and UPS from the territory of the Republic of Poland (FCA, CIP).
Deliveries of “Mucus pro” and “Bulova” equipment will also be carried out by aircraft✈: CIP* (buyer’s airport) and FCA** (Warsaw).
The terms of production of special equipment will increase up to 50 days⏳  As early as April, prices for equipment are expected to rise due to the increase in the cost of production in Europe.
*CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to) – The seller sends the goods in the mode of export customs clearance, delivery by air and cargo insurance is paid to the buyer’s airport.
**FCA (Free Carrier) – The seller sells the goods in the mode of export customs clearance from the warehouse-factory. Shipping is not included. The buyer himself chooses the method of transporting the goods from the seller warehouse.
🌎 Snail mucus supplies are carried out from different countries (origin of snail species of the type of snail mucus desired for the buyer) from the Franchisee “Mucus pro”.
The trade policy of Mukus pro in 2022 is to reduce its own production of finished products (snail mucus) in favor of selling the products of its Franchisees.
“Mucus pro” stops deliveries of specialized equipment, Franchises and finished products to the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.
Thank you all for staying with us.
Good business and peaceful skies!
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