GREEN MUCIN: snail mucus extractor from green energy

Solar-powered snail slime extractor

The new (from 2022 release) Mucus pro snail mucus extraction equipment is equipped with solar power plants and can now run on green energy.

Very low power consumption of Mucus pro devices:

  Mucus pro 2.20 – 0.23 kWh;

  Mucus pro 2.40 – 0.41 kWh;

made it possible to extract snail mucus using small solar power plants with a capacity of only 1 kW.

snail slime extractor with solar power plants

Mucus pro mucus extraction equipment equipped with solar power plant is marked with the letter E.

Snail mucus extractors Mucus pro 2.40E and Mucus pro 2.20E are supplied with a set of equipment for a 1 kW solar power plant: 1) solar photovoltaic module, 2) an inverter for converting voltage into alternating current 220 V (or 110 V.), 3) gel a battery with a capacity of up to 100 A / h, 4) convectors for connecting photovoltaic modules and 5) connecting cables.

Mucus pro snail slime extractor with solar power plants Mucus pro snail slime extractor with solar power plants  snail slime extractor with solar power plants

Previously purchased equipment “Mucus pro” can also be retrofitted with a solar power plant – separately purchase a set of solar power plants.

The warranty for a Chinese-made PV module is 20 years, for an inverter manufactured in Ukraine – 2 years.

Since 2022, we have set an even longer warranty period for Mucus pro equipment – up to 5 years.

Mucus pro equipment can also be used with your own solar power plants, they do not need to be purchased from us as a set. Any Mucus pro device can be connected to green energy due to its low energy consumption!

We continue to cooperate with international foundations regarding the introduction and use of green energy. And we will inform you about new grant programs for your business and scientific research.

Snail slime is now created using green energy!

Snail slime is easy!

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