The African continent is splitting in two

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Recently, eastern Africa has begun to gradually separate from the rest of the continent. And although earlier geologists argued that this would take more than one thousand years, now, according to experts, the split of the land begins to expand much faster than previously predicted.

Due to the fact that the ocean began to fall into the split, it began to expand. This caused a lot of problems. So, for example, recently another crack appeared in Kenya: a huge abyss formed in the middle of the busy Mai Mahiu-Saswa road.

Mucus pro news

According to geologist David Adede , the devastation that has endangered the lives of many people is caused by volcanic activity.

“This huge rift has divided Africa into two plates. It was found that everything is connected with the separation of the Somali plate from the Nubian. If this continues further, then soon part of Africa will be completely separated. “

The geologist also noted that after the rift appeared, a large hole opened up, absorbing water. The recent flood, from which part of the territory in the area of ​​the fault was affected, also served this. As a result, even more cracks began to form in the ground.

Now it is necessary that scientists begin to conduct comprehensive studies of the area. After that, it will be possible to give an exact answer as to where roads and residential buildings can be built. The research to be carried out will be key to dealing with such natural disasters.
It is also worth adding that two large “pieces of land”, the Nubian and Somali plates, move away from each other every year due to the mantle flow, which transfers heat from the outer core to the earth’s crust of our planet.
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