The new delicacy “Snail’s Nest” has surpassed the famous “Swallow’s Nest” soup several times

Snail's Nest
Soon, in the restaurants of the world!
The most expensive dish in the world is Edible bird’s nest , “Swallows’ nest” nest soup. From $ 1,000 per serving (2500 $ for 1 kg).

Snail's nest from Mucus pro

Snail's Nest
The swallow’s nest is valuable for the Swallow-Salangans (lat. Collocalia) saliva enzyme, which contains a record amount of natural collagen.
But, in the new innovative gastronomic product from Mucus pro, decorated with foam, the secret of the Helix aspersa snail, biological collagen, allantoin, gligolic and hyaluronic acid, is several times more!
Try a new  masterpiece of snail slime foam.
Snail's Nest Snail's Nest
Snail mucus foam is, in fact, a by-product of the secretion of the snail Helix aspersa on the Mucus pro equipment, this is the technological foam of snail slime which does not completely degas, does not turn into liquid mucus.
But it is pure snail mucus in the form of foam.
Processed and frozen foam is sold in clear bags and large glass jars for the price of snail slime.
Record amount of collagen (6000 µg/g), allantoin (936µg/g), glycolic acid (936 µg/g), hyaluronic acid (400 µg/g), dietary snail protein (33%, dry matter), high pH (7.6) close to the alkalinity of human blood which makes this product very necessary for the joints, intestines and cells of the whole body, nourishing them from the inside.
It is very useful!
Serve snail collagen with escargot, salads or soups.
Mucus pro has patented a new dish called “Snail’s nest”.
The new gastronomic product has already won the premium segment of the world cuisine.
The company has already received orders for 2022.
The snail’s nest is a great addition to your festive Christmas meals in winter!

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