African amber. Snail slime Achatina Fulica.

Achatina Fulica snail slime is called African amber because of its rich amber color and high cost.

Already six countries of the African continent successfully produce snail mucus from the local snail Achatina Fulica  using Mucus pro equipment.

The secretion of this snail is characterized by a short secretion time and lack of foam. The high density of snail mucus provides excellent freeze-drying performance (in the production of lyophilized snail mucus powder): high dry matter yield.

For example, Aden International company from Thailand sells snail slime Achatina Fulica under the trade name “Acha” for $ 60,000 per kg. to the North American markets – this is a record for the cost of snail slime.

snail slime from Achatina Fulica snail slime from Achatina Fulica

In the Foto: S&T SNAIL PRODUCTION laboratory

In West Africa, S&T SNAIL PRODUCTION company successfully enters the shellfish slime market (photographs courtesy of this company).

Achatina Fulica snail mucus is used not only in cosmetics, new research has found many active substances: to thin the blood and fight breast cancer.

snail slime from Achatina Fulica Freeze-dried Snail Slime Achatina Fulica

The natural availability of the Achatina Fulica snail in regions with a tropical climate: the African continent, India, the Malay Archipelago, the Caribbean, allows the production of snail slime of this snail species on an industrial scale.

The global market for snail mucus and snail peptide cosmetic products was $3.7 billion in 2019 and is valued at $12.0 billion by 2029 with an expected CAGR of 12.7%.

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