Mucus pro presentation in Georgia. Format: Business lunch, September 26.

ლოკოკინის ლორწოს Mucus pro მოპოვების მოწყობილობების პრეზენტაცია საქართველოში
Mucus pro in Georgia!
We invite you to a business lunch, Batumi, September 26.
Meeting with the director and technologist of the Mucus pro company.
Presentation of Mucus pro products, discussion of the technological process for the production of snail mucus.
The number of participants is 10-12 people, by prior registration.
(Each participant pays for himself the cost of lunch).
We only invite one representative from one company, as the number of seats is limited.
Registration: by phone: +48 576-591-117 (WhatsApp)
ლოკოკინის ლორწოს Mucus pro მოპოვების მოწყობილობების პრეზენტაცია საქართველოში Mucus pro
We will discuss the following issues:
– the process and organization of the production of liquid and dry snail slime (mucus secretion, filtration, sterilization, lyophilization) ;
– what equipment is involved in the production of snail mucus;
– lyophilization of snail mucus;
– economics and cost of production of snail mucus (the cost of production of mucus from mollusks using Mucus pro equipment is the lowest in the world!);
– sales markets and industries of use of the finished product;
All participants of the Business Meeting will receive a small gift – freeze-dried snail slime, one of the most valuable snail products! Manufactured by Mucus pro.
We will show how a freeze-dried product retains all its properties using freeze-dried ice cream as an example.
And of course you will try it. This is cosmically delicious!
Made for NASA astronauts, it has become the most popular freeze-dried food on Earth!
snail slime Mucus pro Space ice cream
Only the participants of the meeting will be able to purchase one piece of equipment “Mucus pro”, “Bulova” or “Mucus filter” with the maximum discount.
We will tell you about the technological secrets of snail slime production.
Meeting language: russian.
It will be interesting.
Snail slime is easy!
ლოკოკინის ლორწოს Mucus pro მოპოვების მოწყობილობების პრეზენტაცია საქართველოში Freeze dryer Bulova

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