Snail slime is easy

Snail mucus is the secret of the snail’s body, used for movement (sliding), adhering to the surface, healing wounds and shells, reacting to defense against attack, with mucus the mollusk seals the house for winter sleep (anabiosis), and also prevents drying out of exposed parts of the body.

At the end of the twentieth century, snail mucus began to be widely used in cosmetology, medicine, and the food industry.

The global market for snail slime and peptide beauty products alone was US $ 3.7 billion in 2019 and is valued at US $ 12.0 billion by 2029 with an expected CAGR of 12.7%.

Today, snail mucus is used industrially: in liquid form (usually microfiltered mucus with a size of 0.2 microns), in the form of dry powder (lyophilized at low temperatures) and mucus peptides.

Snail mucus has a bactericidal, wound-healing, moisture-retaining, antibacterial effect. It feeds all cells of the body with useful microelements and supports them.

It has antioxidant activity and anticancer action.

And the application: from dietary supplements and cosmetics to complex medicines.

It is very important to properly secrete mucus from shellfish and efficiently process it. After all, snail mucus is a living product that has a bacterial load and enzymatic processes. which cannot be completely stopped (inhibited).

Snail mucus, like snails, is a very alkaline product: The alkalinity of snail pulp is not lower than Ph6, and that of mucus is not lower than Ph 6.3, therefore, in a dry lyophilized mucus powder, the alkalinity should increase to 9Ph.

With the wrong method of secretion (using acids in the form of a mollusk irritant), the acidity of the finished product (mucus) increases and the alkalinity decreases.

For mucus secretion, it is very important to conserve the Ph level and the amount of protein, because mucopolysaccharides (and allantoin) are also stored along with the protein.

So, if the protein level in liquid mucus is 0.2% -0.3%, then in lyophilized powder it is already 25% -50%.

The most successful and high-quality mucus secretion technology is the MUCUS PROfessional secretion technology (abbreviated: Mucus pro).


The secretion process of snail mucus

This method is the collection of saturated live snail mucus while maintaining the protein level and high alkalinity of the product.

The “Mucus pro” secretion method is completely mechanical, without the use of acids, water or reagents.


Molluscs are influenced by: briefly temporarily gaseous ozone and microvibrations of a certain frequency.

Thus, the finished product is pure, saturated snail mucus, without water, without acids and reagents, without lowering pH and protein.

This method does not destroy or disrupt peptide bonds in the product.

When secreted in the “Сruelty free” mode, the mollusks remain alive and healthy and will give new mucus in 4-5 months.

“MUCUS PROfessional” secretion technology and “Mucus pro” mucus secretion equipment are protected by 5 patents and have been produced worldwide since 2011; it is the most inexpensive equipment for mucus extraction, because the motto of the Manufacturing Company Bulova is “Reducing the cost of producing mucus from shellfish.”

And for 10 years there has even appeared a quality standard for snail mucus “Mucus pro”, it is snail mucus with a high content of mucopolysaccharides and Аllantoin.


To reduce the bacterial load, liquid mucus is microfiltered.

But the most demanded product is lyophilized slime. Gently dried at subzero temperatures from a frozen state. All trace elements and substances are preserved in such a product, besides, the dry powder is convenient to transport, store and use. This is the most expensive snail product!

«Bulova» company with «Mucus pro» technology has proven to the whole world that: Snail slime is easy!

The company also provides a service: obtaining mucus from a client’s snail – Outsourcing.

You can turn a snail into slime without buying special equipment from the company’s franchisee.

“Mucus pro” Franchise (Outsourcing) works on all continents.

The industrial production of snail mucus, like other shellfish in the world, is increasing every year as its uses expand and consumption grows.

Biological (not synthesized) allantoin, glycolic and hyaluronic acids, and ellastin (as well as: Peptide Antibiotics, Vitamin A, C, E; amino acids: lysine, methionine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, valine, histidine, tryptophan; Proteinogenic amino acids: Arginine, Lysine) popular with serious Mucin processors.


For materials of the company “Bulova” (TM “Mucus pro”)


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