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Monitoring and control module for Bulova D series dryers


The module is designed for remote monitoring and control of freeze dryers

Bulova. Monitoring and control is possible from any device with

installed browser Google Chrome or similar. Mobile format supported

and Desktop applications.

The application has only one language, use Google translation to operate in your native language.

The module is an electronic device connected to the dryer using

special connector and transmitting data to the server via a WIFI network.

1. We connect the module to the dryer by connecting the Antenna module to a special connector on the roof of the dryer (DATA).

2. Connect to your home WIFI network.

We perform a simple sequence of actions. Press button #1 with your finger, then press button #2 for 2 seconds. Release button #2 first, then #1.

A successful operation will be indicated by rapid flashing of LED #(3) in red and white.

The first connection of the antenna-modem to the Bulova freeze dryer (D)

3. After the above operation, your device

becomes an access point named FD-00. Open your WIFI network settings menu

devices. Connect to the FD_00 network (it has no password)

4. After connecting to this

networks. Open your browser and enter the following address in the address field

(The link is active only when the internal Antenna-modem has access to your WI-FI network)

5. A field with login and passford will appear in front of you. Enter in these

fields login and password of your WIFI network. Click (SEND)

6. Reboot the device by pressing button #2. If everything was done correctly,

the device will connect to your WIFI network. This will be indicated by the slow blinking of LED #(3) in blue and green.

connecting the modem antenna to the Bulova lyophilizer (D)

7. Open a browser on your mobile or desktop device. Enter the link D received from the manufacturer in the address field.

This will take you to the application window for monitoring and controlling the dryer.


🙁 Don’t worry, no one succeeded the first time.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
You can also always return the Modem Antenna to the manufacturer and use the Bulova freeze dryer without remote access. The manufacturer will refund your money for the Antenna-modem 🙂