Outsourcing of snail slime production

Production Outsourcing "Mucus pro"
Production Outsourcing “Mucus pro”, How to make snail slime?

If you need snail mucus and you do not have the necessary equipment for the secretion and processing of snail mucus – contact our Franchisees, we will make you snail mucus from your snail using our equipment.

The Mucus pro franchisewith the service “Snail slime Outsourcing” network has covered almost all continents.
We offer a service for the production of mucus from your snail (outsourcing) on ​​our equipment “Mucus pro”.
You only need to bring a snail and receive liquid or dry mucus. We will do everything for you.

– up to 8€ for the production of 1 kg of liquid mucus;
– up from 1€ for the production of 1 g of dry mucus powder.
There are additional services: filtration and microfiltration of liquid mucus, adding a preservative to liquid mucus, freezing liquid mucus, packing mucus, diluting dry mucus with maltodextrin, processing snails for meat, etc.

Snail slime is easy!