Mucus pro snail mucus extractor

8. Before purchasing “Mucus pro” equipment, make sure that this equipment is approved for use in your country.
The manufacturer is not responsible for the prohibitions on the use of this equipment in different countries.

Non disclosure agreement

9. NDA  (Non-disclosure agreement).
9.1 The Buyer undertakes to operate the equipment only in the country of import, only for industrial purposes, for the intended purpose of the equipment, undertakes not to copy components and mechanisms, not to transfer the equipment to third parties, not to copy the principles of operation of the equipment, mechanisms and operating principles. The basic principles of the equipment are protected by patents.
For warranty or post-warranty service inquiries, please contact your local Bulova service center or supplier only.
The cost of the equipment includes the cost of technical development and innovation.

9.2. The buyer is prohibited from distributing photographs of individual parts and mechanisms, equipment, to operate equipment without protective panels, to show open devices and equipment assemblies to third parties.

9.3. The buyer is personally responsible for the observance of copyright.

10. Responsibilities of the parties
10.1 The Supplier shall only be liable to the Buyer for the cost of the goods.
10.2 For violation of p. 9 of this Contract, the Buyer shall pay for all damages and pay a fine of  € 50,000 (Euro) for each violation.