Microfiltration station “Mucus Filter”

Microfiltration station “Mucus Filter” for filtering mucus from mollusks and other biological fluids under pressure, filtration range 0.2-100 microns. With the possibility of flushing the filter elements.

For 10×2.5 in. Flow-through filter elements.

With vacuum pump.

Weight: 25 kg. Working size, excluding the vacuum pump, mm: 1100 X 410 X 500

Replacement Filters are not included.

Cost: Model I : Steel grade AISI 430- €1200        Model II : Steel grade AISI 316, AISI 304L – €1800

HS Code: 8421 29 20 00

Microfiltration station Mucus Filter  


Freeze dryers (lyophilizers) “Bulova”

Freeze-dryer or Lyophilizer

Lyophilization (or sublimation) is the process of dehydration (drying) of products using rapid freezing in a vacuum, in which moisture evaporates, bypassing the liquid phase, and turns into a gaseous state.
Substances are freed from water (or other carrier – solvent) by converting this liquid (together with the product, of course) into a solid form by freezing, and water (during lyophilization) turns into steam. And when a vacuum is applied to the frozen material, these vapors are removed from the air above the frozen material without being heated.

During sublimation, the products are not subjected to heat treatment, which is very important for proteins and other unstable substances, for example: drugs, such as antibodies, immunological preparations containing semisynthetic penicillins, cephalosporins, and serums.
At low temperatures, gradual, very gentle drying, the product does not lose its beneficial properties and taste, and when rehydrated, it restores its original appearance!
The sublimation process begins at low temperatures from -70 ° C to -1 ° C. And the raw material is frozen to -40 ° С -70 ° С.

Main units: freezer, shelf heating, vacuum pump, electronic control panel.


Equipmen Dimensions (cm)










Bulova    02

45 / 51 / 80 cm vacuum pump separately

Package: 49 / 57 / 84 + vacuum pump separately







4 000

Bulova    02 D

45 / 51 / 80 cm vacuum pump separately

Remote control via APP


4 200

Bulova    12 150 / 130 / 190 cm vacuum pump separately  




14 000

Bulova    12 D

150 / 130 / 190 cm vacuum pump separately

Remote control via APP


14 200

Bulova  400 400 400 000

HS code: 8419 39 00 90