Antiviral agent, antimicrobial agent, antibacterial agent, immunomodulator,


Freeze-dried Sand leek (Állium scorodoprásumtuber) tuber, powder in capsules.

Strong antiviral, antihistamine, blood thinning, immunomodulatory agent. Well recommended for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases (including. COVID 19)

Calorie content of Sand leek – 207 kcal of 100 g of lyophilized product, of them:

Proteins – 12 g; Fats – 0,3 g; Carbohydrates – 30,9 g; Alimentary fiber – 3,1 g; Ash – 1 g.

Vitamins for 100 g of lyophilized product:

Vitamin PP, niacin equivalent – 1,4 mg; Vitamin B1, thiamine – 0,4 mg; Vitamin B2, riboflavin – 0,22 mg; Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid – 0,9 mg; Vitamin B9, folic acid – 5 mcg; Vitamin C, ascorbic acid – 65,0 mg; Vitamin E., tocopherol – 0,12 mg; Vitamin K, phylloquinone – 3,2 mcg; Vitamin

B4, choline – 45,1 mg.

Minerals on 100 g:

Calcium – 290 mg; Magnesium – 45 mg; Sodium – 32 mg; Potassium – 604 mg; Iron – 2,7 mg; Zinc – 3,1 mg; Copper – 520 mcg; Manganese – 2,3 mg; Selenium – 24,8 mcg.

Sand leek contains a large amount of phytoncides, biologically active substances, which give off a pungent scent and have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Also in the composition of a large number:

Organic compounds of saponins, which relieve soft tissue spasms and stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, tone up the taste buds and accelerate the return transmission of impulses from the brain to the peripheral nervous system.

Caffeic acid, has anti-inflammatory activity and normalizes functional immunity.

Ferulic acid, stabilizes the work of the cardiovascular system.

Quercetin, inhibits the vital activity of viruses, but, having entered the body in large quantities, can cause nausea, vomiting, bowel disorders, that is, symptoms of intoxication.

Rutin – strengthens blood vessel walls.

Chlorogenic acid – antioxidant and antiviral action.

Allicin – high antibacterial activity.

You can also mention biologically active compounds: allylcysteine, sitosterol, salicin, geraniol, stigmasterol, germanium, linalool, phloroglucinol, campherol.

Sand leek (SANDLEEK-ANTIVIRAL) can help protect against viral diseases during the epidemic season, replenish the body with necessary nutrients and improve the taste of dishes. Strong antioxidant and antiviral agent.

Action on the body:

Normalizes blood flow, dilating blood vessels and thinning blood, reduces the possibility of blood clots;

Dissolves already deposited cholesterol plaques and prevents the formation of new ones;

Increases the elasticity of blood vessel walls and heart valves;

Reduces the possibility of platelet clumping;

Has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, inhibits the vital activity of viruses, bacteria and some types of fungi;

– Accelerates the rehabilitation period after infectious diseases and prevents the development of complications;

– Normalizes nasal breathing;

– Has antitoxic effect, accelerates the cleansing of the liver and intestines from toxins;

– Stimulates the production of bile and digestive enzymes;

– Accelerates intestinal motility, has a mild laxative effect;

– Increases appetite, eliminates vitamin deficiency;

– Possesses antiparasitic activity, used to treat helminthic invasions;

– Scientifically proven antitumor effect;

– Improves impulse and nerve conduction;

– Reduces Blood Pressure and Promotes Sleep

The anesthetic effect of Luca-Rocamboll is so pronounced, that in case of toothache, it is enough to attach the cut clove to the gum opposite the sore spot, to sleep peacefully.

In folk medicine,Sand leek (Elephant garlic) is actively used for diseases of the spleen., for the treatment of facial muscle paralysis and limb tremors, to eliminate colitis and enterocolitis.

One of the negative properties of Onion Rocamboll is the phytic acid content.. It disrupts the absorption of minerals – phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, which negatively affects the state of bone tissue. Overuse of sand leek can negatively affect dental quality.

Contraindications, which limit its use: Gallstone and kidney stone disease. You can provoke the movement of stones, Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum at the stage of exacerbation, erosive gastritis. Mucosal irritation increases, Acute kidney disease – pyelonephritis, cystitis, glomerulonephritis. Internal bleeding. Eat elephant garlic with caution: With menstruation, the cycle time and blood loss will increase; pregnant, so as not to tone the uterus; During lactation – milk begins to taste bitter when using rockambol; Children up to 2-3 years.

Dietary supplement SANDLEEK-ANTIVIRAL composition: 100% lyophilized powder of Sand leek (Állium scorodoprásum) tuber (Egypt, Spain). One-component preparation.

Release form, lyophilized powder, purity 100%: 10 g (glass jar), 100 g. (foil), 500 g. (foil), gastrointestinal capsules (BAD) plastic jar 100 capsules (NET 50 g)

freeze-dry of Sand Leek

All preventive and therapeutic measures are aimed at countering coronavirus – localized in the lungs, with no effect on coronavirus, intestinal localized, not carried out.

A chain of destructive pathological events in the human body, caused by COVID-19, is interrupted and destroyed at the very beginning and does not continue due to the consumption of various types of garlic – lyophilized leeks (Állium scorodoprásumtuber) for local action in the intestine in intestinal soluble capsules.

The danger of the COVID-19 virus is, what he, first of all, affects the immune system, and only then affects the lung tissue.

The mechanism of action of the COVID-19 virus on the human body: 80% the entire immune system is concentrated in the mucous and submucous layers of the small intestine in the form of lymphoid tissue and its accumulations – Peyer’s patches.

Lymphoid tissue produces antibodies (lymphocytes T-, B-, G- other), as well as various types of immunoglobulins. Antibodies through the lymphatic system enter the inferior vena cava, heart and, passing through the small circle of blood circulation, enter the systemic circulation and are carried throughout the body.

Thus, tissue immunity is strengthened, including the intrinsic tissue immunity of the lung tissue. COVID-19, mixing with food while eating, enters the intestines and begins to destroy lymphoid tissue.

As a result, the affected lymphoid tissue stops producing lymphocytes and immunoglobulins.. Thus, the immune system is destroyed and tissue immunity in the lungs is weakened..

From this moment, the second wave of coronavirus attack on the already unprotected lung tissue begins., which manifests itself as severe pneumonia, which is fatal. Currently, all anti-epidemic measures are aimed at preventing Coronavirus from entering the lungs, which, in principle, is costly and practically ineffective. And all therapeutic measures are aimed only at combating complications in the form of pneumonia..

As a result of the action of Freeze-dried Sand Leek (Spanish garlic) lymphoid tissue continues to function normally, that is, produce antibodies and immunoglobulins:

– the damaged immune system quickly recovers and strengthens, which leads to a significant increase in tissue immunity in the lung tissue;

– an insurmountable obstacle arises not only for COVID-19, but also for microbes (staphylococcus, etc.) and mushrooms, which pose a significant danger in coronavirus pneumonia.

After taking Freeze-dried Sand Leek in enteric capsules – a natural vaccine is formed in the small intestine already in 30-40 minutes – natural vaccine begins to actively form specific immunity against COVID-19.

Freeze-dried Sand Leek (Sandy leek, Állium scorodoprásumtuber) produced industrially in the form of a biologically active food additive SANDLEEK-ANTIVIRAL – one-component natural product, which contains only freeze-dried Rocambol onion-garlic.

For example, Candidate of Medical Sciences Shuhrat Khalilov in his research states, that for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus infection you need to take water, infused with garlic, but in this case, the intestinal capsule will deliver the lyophilized product to the site of exposure – intestines, better and more accurate, than the product, dissolved in water.


The product must be sublimated (lyophilized at low temperatures) – only this way of drying (conservation) the drug will ensure the preservation of all trace elements in it, phytancides and esters, and also concentrates all these substances in 8 once (this is the coefficient of shrinkage).

Moreover, dietary supplement developer “SANDLEEK-ANTIVIRAL” (Freeze-dried shortbread leek) – Polish company Bulova in 2020 offered a nutritional supplement to patients in need for free, all patients have recovered and have stable immunity.

SANDLEEK-ANTIVIRAL – it is a cheap one-component preparation, it is easy to prepare it yourself: Lyophilize slices Sand Leek (Állium scorodoprásumtuber), grind into powder and place in largest enteric capsule (00).

Accept 3-4 once a day before meals 1-2 capsules per day. Take advantage of the recipe for free, he works and saves lives!