The Polish-Ukrainian company “Bulova” produces specialized equipment: apparatus for secreting mucus by mollusks “Mucus pro”, devices for filtering snail mucus and other biological fluids “Mucus Filter”, freeze dryers “Bulova”,  equipment for sterilizing products, equipment for separating snail meat from shell, as well as mechanisms for aviation and space technology.


Processed products of the Mucus pro class: liquid and dry lyophilized snail mucus, food supplements for health, dietary and sports nutrition from snail protein and snail mucus.


Dietary supplements from snail protein and secretions “MUC IN” for your health.

“MUC IN” franchise for the production of dietary supplements. 

Mucus pro Franchise for the processing of customer-supplied snails (outsourcing) –
snails into mucus using the MUCUS PROfessional technology

Conducts laboratory studies by chromatography of snail mucus and other protein products. 

The production time for specialized equipment under the order is from 20  days.
We can design and install high capacity stationary freeze dryers (from 400 kg load).
All equipment is manufactured in accordance with our own registered specifications and complies with international safety standards.
We are constantly expanding our dealer network on all continents and developing outsourcing for the production of snail slime. 

We invite you to cooperation! We are working to reduce the cost of your snail slime production costs and reduce the cost of sophisticated equipment.
Together we can achieve more!